Na Broke People Dey Do Legwork: Hilarious Reactions As Billionaire Femi Otedola Joins Viral TikTok Dance

Top Nigerian billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola and one of his daughters, Temi, have given internet users something to talk about after a video of them made the rounds online.

Femi Otedola has been known to be a hands-on dad with his kids despite his billionaire status and fans look forward to seeing it from time to time.

Just recently, the father and daughter duo jumped on the trending alcohol challenge on TikTok.

The challenge involved them dancing to popular singer, Joe Boy’s hit song. Interestingly, Femi and Temi added their own twist to the trend.

Instead of pouring alcohol or all manners of liquid on their bodies, the billionaire family kept things classy and only displayed their dance moves.

Femi appeared to steal the day as he dominated the camera and showed some of his impressive steps.

see video below:

Internet users have reacted:

The TikTok video of Femi and his daughter, Temi, didn’t take long before making the rounds online and internet users had a lot to say about it.

A number of people noted the difference in how the rich family danced compared to other regular people. has gathered some of their comments below:


     “Na broke people dey do legwork .

” Aphricanace:

      “Na so billionaires dey dance…real nice and easy.No be like us brokies wey go do legwork, gwara gwara, shoki, happy feet, and more…all in one breath. Chai, poverty die!!”


      “This kind of movement is for extremely wealthy people only.

” Attractions_lifestyle:

      “Rich man nor dey sabi dance.

” Omobakanye:

      “Otedola with some snoop doggs moves.

” Morenikejim:

       “Money dance.” Nice one.

Temi Otedola boasts about being her billionaire father’s daughter

Temi has continued to live the baby girl life befitting her status and she recently spent time with her business guru father, Femi Otedola. Taking to her official Instagram page, Temi shared a series of lovely photos of herself and the time she spent with her billionaire dad. In one of the snaps, Temi was seen rocking an all-white outfit and posing beside her father who rocked a grey bomber jacket and army green joggers paired with sneakers.

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