TeflonDaKing Music Promoter

TeflonDaKing Music Promoter


A Nigerian Blogger, Music Promoter and Nollywood Promoter know as   “TeflondaKing”   popularly called Samuel Oguntoyinbo whom was born at Ogun State Abeokuta. as embrace  his social activities and  persistent of his promotion in industry as turn into global standard for him. As he merge his promotion with USA institute  BASS PRODUCTION and NATIONAL DJANS,.


TeflonDaKing as worked with so many record label like ( TcGroup Ent, SIDL Ent, Nakedreamz Ent, Pintunez Records Label. and presently  his working with Political appointment for promotion platform.

He as shown his diligent among the society,  despites  the challenges he faced with his ex-wife  Ifeoluwa abiodun he refuse to be depressed by the incident and  he focus vividly on his career. which lead as legacy for others in industry aswell.


He said on his quotes that ”his born to be iconic that why settling in average”  this words  as encourage alot of youths and other married man that is encounter same marital problem to avoid being depressed,  you have to keep moving in your career and overlook any storm waving around.


TeflonDaKing as encrypt  good legacy for everyone to embrace and follow up.


On his Interview  with NaijaLagos Team:- He said, don’t cry over the past, Its gone. Don’t stress about the future, It hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it Beautiful


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