Director En’man produces Wati-assisted cover for Sinach’s “Working In My Favour”




Akhabue Evans also known as Director En’man and professionalism on producer, cinematographer and video director, was found in the studio with talented Nigerian gospel singer, Wati doing what he calls his ‘first love.’

En’man was found on the keyboard playing symphonically while Wati sang to it. They did a cover to Sinach’s “Working In My Favour.” Sinach’s “Working In My Favour” video was shot by Director En’man himself.

Director En’man works and directs for Carel Films where he is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He has directed the music videos of music artistes like Sinach, Ada Ehi, Rozey, Eben, Jahdiel, Testimony Jaga, and Samsong.

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He is known as such a detailed director who is too conversant with his craft. Little wonder he is a pro in music video production, he is a music genius himself.

While he played the keyboard in the studio, he handled it like a pro, one could tell that he has had some tracks in his name.

“No one ever forgets their first love” is the most applicable phrase in this event. He started playing musical instruments at the age of five and became a music producer at age twelve. Studying law in school and yet pursuing the arts only goes to show the versatility of this young director.



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