world art day partners with Rhedo Productions on commemoration of world art day


….Steaming Live, April 15.

Despite the gripping COVID-19 pandemic, The Network of Ekiti State Creative Artists NECA is joining over 61 countries commemorating ‘The World Art Day’ on April 15, 2020 exclusively deploying the power of Social Media streaming.

It would be the first time an apex body in Nigeria would be ratified for such an high octane event under UNESCO charter to primarily promote wider awareness of the importance of human Artistry and creativity toward fostering world peace, understanding, self expression and cultural diversity.

The Chairman of NECA, Caleb Osasona, an affiliate member of Smithsonian Institute Art Space, enthusiastically underscores this year’s innovation in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic era which inevitably demand courage in the face of fear, artistic, cultural and emotional intelligence with an aim to proffering a solution to Covid-19 disruptions and challenges.

“We are reversing cancellation of the event and turning the wheel on its head ahead of the Covid -19 pandemic outbreak in cognisance of Art expression and it’s appreciation as one of man best solace at a precarious times as this….we are presently witnessing a consternation where nations of the world are jostling for dominance as it is now imperative that the next tug for will neither be contended on size of their armoury or economic status but by respective sovereign heritage and Cultural diplomacy is positioned” Osasona said.

General Secretary, NECA, Dr Mike Adeoye, expresses optimism that more people are now finding expression in both digital and traditional artforms, be it Painting, crafts, music, fashion, dancing, poetry and so on. He added that in no other time in recent history has the Art sector and by extension, Cultural industries finds a pride of place as in time of global turmoil and uncertainty as we are currently experiencing.

The lockdown order as frustrating, no doubt, it is also conspicuously a healing process in disguise as it an ample opportunity for creative people regardless of gender and class to reinvent their craftsmanship.

‘It is clear that history actually do repeat itself as witnessed during the plague known as ‘Great depression’ of 1923 when Art Therapy was a veritable antidote to the traumatic effect of prolonged self isolation. The period provided enough impetus for artist’s and performers demand legalisation of their respective unions which heralded the beginning of ‘High value’ portfolio of works in galleries and museums in Central Europe and America’ Adeoye said.

In view of the Stay-At- Home order, all members of NECA, stakeholders, art collectors, curators, students and the friends of Arts are invited to be part of live event be streamed via Social Media platforms to create a milieu of engagements that include Covid-19 face masks in spectacular colours, mix media and design.

Participants will post informal and real time selfies, audio or voice blurbs and share fun and solidarity again Covid-19 pandemic. Amongst special guests and personalities expected to join the live streaming are the ‘Mother of Ekiti Arts’ and avid an African Art collector, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, First Lady of Ekiti State, Hon. Commissioner for Arts Culture and Tourism, Professor Rasaki Ojo Bakare, Ambassador Wale Lanre-Ojo, Director-General of Ekiti state Council for Arts, Culture and Tourism, Owner of Nike Art Gallery, Mrs Nike Davies- Okundaye, Elder Emmanuel Abejide, Ofin Arts, Eda Arts, Society of Nigeria Artists, British Council, GMP Studios Limited, Tunji Arts, Jolaoso Artworks, E.S.A.P.A, Gold Touch Resources, Elegant Glass Art Gallery, Ford Foundation, Lawanson Adeniran Foundation,. Hike Ekiti Mountain Safari Team, Ekiti Standing Cultural Troupe, Gasco Arts, Mr Idris Ramonu, Head of Creative Business, GT Bank, Mrs Bolanle Austin Peter’s, CEO of Terra Culture, Lagos, Rhedo Productions Inc and so many others.

As part of NECA mandate to build and nurture an all-inclusive, innovative and economically empowered creative community in Ekiti state and its diaspora, it is envisaged that NECA would at the event announce palliatives to cushion the harsh effects of COVID-19 as everything humanly possible will be done to support our vulnerable challenged and aged members with focus on the ‘low income’ bracket. The statement said.

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