Watch Video! Muster SID – Chocolate | Dir. TG OMORI






Nigerians as made it know that upcoming young talented artist are well recognize and entertainment are ready to embrace to push up of the showcase career and this as come in for our, FAVOURED ZONE Entertainment has announced the release of its new single tagged chocolate by 10 year old prodigy named Awal Murutala Abbas. Abbas, the newly found trapped young star whose stage name is muster_sid hails from Ogbomoso in Oyo state Nigeria . The star kid recently dropped his first official single titled CHOCOLATE produced by Young John and the video was directed by the mind blowing video director TG OMORI. Awal Murtala Abass aka Mustar sid was discovered while doing his numerous freestyle rap videos, which has gained him both local and international audience. The title of the song was borne out of the young lads interest in chocolate as a child. Abbas parents and family members gives him chocolates and other goodies as a reward mostly for being obedient and hardworking at home, hence the young hiphop rapper is useing his talent to encourage others kids to always be obedient and resourceful so they can achieve their dreams in life . Young Abbas ( mustar sid ) sees himself as the next Jay-Z of Africa with a commitment of an achivement of himself.

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